Our Vision and Mission

Highlighting Marketing as a discipline and field of inquiry that advances the central role of customers and markets and that significantly contributes to the economic, social, cultural, and moral progress of firms, institutions, and society.

This is the vision of our Marketing Department and to achieve this we are committed to:

1. Developing research at the cutting-edge of the international scientific community, rigorous and relevant, that highlights the contribution of Marketing to the value creation process in the market;

2. Pursuing teaching with passion and responsibility, in order to equip students with the necessary competencies to generate value in the market and to develop high-quality relationships with customers and stakeholders;

3. Engaging in continuous and open discussions with the academic community, managers, customers, and society, grounded in solid values including ethics, pluralism, autonomy, recognition of merit, and respect;

4. Contributing to the realization of a stimulating working environment, collaborative, inclusive, and respectful.


Head of Department: Gaia Rubera