Arianna Brioschi

Graduated from Bocconi University, PhD in Business Administration and Management, after a short experience teaching at Polytechnical University in Milan I joined the Marketing Department at Bocconi University where I have been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses since 2002.

Research interests

Semiotics applied to marketing, Communication and Advertising

Working papers
Brioschi, Arianna; A. Zannin
Semiotica per il Marketing: un matrimonio inconsueto” (Semiotics and Marketing: an unconventional marriage)
Selected Publications
Brioschi, Arianna

La Comunicazione di Marketing

Valdani E. (ed.) “Marketing Management” 2nd edition, Egea, 2017
Brioschi, Arianna; V. Fornari

Product Management

Valdani E. (ed.) “Marketing Management” 2nd edition, Egea, 2017
Brioschi, Arianna

Is luxury selling Dreams? The Role of Advertisement in Shaping Luxury Brands’ Meaning

J.E. Schroeder, M. Salzer-Mörling (eds.) “Brand Culture”, Routledge, 2015
Brioschi, Arianna; A. Uslenghi

White Space. Idee non convenzionali sulla comunicazione

Egea, 2015