Arianna Brioschi

Graduated from Bocconi University, PhD in Business Administration and Management, after a short experience teaching at Polytechnical University in Milan I joined the Marketing Department at Bocconi University where I have been teaching graduate and undergraduate courses since 2002.

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Research interests

Semiotics applied to marketing, Communication and Advertising

Working papers
Brioschi, Arianna; A. Zannin
Semiotica per il Marketing: un matrimonio inconsueto” (Semiotics and Marketing: an unconventional marriage)
Selected Publications
Brioschi, Arianna; V. Fornari

Product Management

Valdani E. (ed.) “Marketing Management” 2nd edition, Egea
Brioschi, Arianna

Is luxury selling Dreams? The Role of Advertisement in Shaping Luxury Brands’ Meaning

J.E. Schroeder, M. Salzer-Mörling (eds.) “Brand Culture”, Routledge
Brioschi, Arianna; A. Uslenghi

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