Stefano Prestini

I am Lecturer at the Marketing Department. I hold my PhD in Management and Innovation at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Italy.
I coordinate the specialized Master’s in Marketing and Communication (MiMeC) at Bocconi University.

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Research interests

Advertising, art and luxury contamination, consumer culture theory, LGBTQ+ studies, luxury shopping experience and digital marketing

Working papers
Prestini, Stefano; D. Scarpi; L. Devereux
The efficacy of same- and different-gender depictions in advertising.
Prestini, Stefano; Borghini, Stefania
The role of toys in the construction of children’s gender identity.
Prestini, Stefano; L. Colm; P. Mion dalle Carbonare
The involvement of Philanthropic Givers in the Decision-Making Process of Art’s Rediscovery.
Selected Publications
Prestini, Stefano; R. Sebastiani

Embracing consumer ambivalence in the luxury shopping experience.

Journal of Consumer Behaviour, 1-26.
Prestini, Stefano; M. Visentin; A.m. Tuan

Love or hate? Analyzing the intention to maintain or diminish the hotel-OTA digital service relationship.

Industrial Marketing Management, 28-40.
Prestini, Stefano; L. Colm

Innovating Luxury Service Experiences through E-Service scapes.

Developing Successful Global Strategies for Marketing Luxury Brands (pp. 119-138). IGI Global.
Prestini, Stefano; R. Kottasz

Segmenting for arts marketing: the mistake of adopting useless criteria.

Prestini, Stefano; D. Scarpi; G. Pizzi

Dub or sub: effects of dubbing versus subtitling on TV advertising efficacy.

Italian Journal of Marketing, 189-206.
Prestini, Stefano; Rurale, Andrea

Trussardi Art and Fashion: a long distance relationship?

The art of fashion synergies, contaminations, and hybridizations between fashion brands and art (pp. 63-87). Palgrave Macmillan.