Deborah Carolina Raccagni

I am a PhD in Business Administration and Management at Bocconi University and Visiting Scholar at the University of California Los Angeles. I am lecturer at the Marketing Department of Bocconi University and Affiliate Lecturer of the SDA Bocconi, where I cover the role of Program Director for a Diploma Program in Major Event Management in Qatar. I have also lectured in international context as Adjunct Professor in Marketing at Franklin College University, Lugano Switzerland. Today I am Assistant Director of the Master of Science in Marketing Management. 

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Research interests

My areas of interest and research are related to the topics of event management, innovation and the impact of digital technologies on value creation processes with a focus on Content Management and eCommerce-Omnichannel strategies.


Selected Publications
Raccagni, Deborah; S. Masserini; C. Piancatelli

Il ruolo strategico dei social media nel mutato contesto degli eventi

Harvard Business Review Italia
Raccagni, Deborah; M. Massi; C. Piancatelli

Marketing Experiential Events Through New Media: The Ferragnez Wedding Case

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Raccagni, Deborah

Il valore del content marketing online

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Raccagni, Deborah

Channel management

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