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Upcoming event: the "Customer Journeys in a Digital World" conference.

In today’s digital world, customer journeys encompass the process customers go through from browsing to purchase to post-purchase stages of the relational process by using or being exposed to various online and offline touchpoints. The ongoing proliferation of the online & offline touchpoints, together with the cross-channel and interactive nature of increasingly omni-channel journeys, makes the research agenda on customer journeys, more valuable and also more challenging for researcher and practitioners alike. The purpose of the conference is to discuss advancements in academic research on the following areas:

  • Customer Journeys, Customer Experience and Attribution
  • Omnichannel Marketing, Channel Integration and Social Media
  • Customer Acquisition, Customer Profitability and Customer Engagement
  • Marketing Metrics, KPIs, Insight from Data, Database Marketing and Privacy


Milano 12-13-14 June, 2022, Bocconi University