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Upcoming event: the "Customer Journeys in a Digital World" conference.

In today's rapidly evolving market, understanding and optimizing the customer journey is more crucial than ever. This evolution has presented new challenges and opportunities in managing customer experiences and paths to purchase. In this dynamic landscape, firms are striving to navigate through higher volumes of diverse data and leveraging advanced tools to measure and enhance marketing ROI

Central to mastering this environment is the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. These innovations are transforming the way we collect and analyze customer data. Moreover, heightened concerns around data privacy have introduced complex issues in managing customer information. It is imperative for companies to find a middle ground where they can gain deep customer insights while upholding and safeguarding customer privacy.

Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies along the customer journey is a key thread linking these various challenges. The upcoming conference aims to delve into these significant shifts in academic research across broad domains:

  • Customer Journeys, Customer Experience, and Attribution in the Age of AI: Exploring how AI is reshaping customer journey analytics and experience
  • Customer Acquisition, Customer Profitability, and Customer Engagement: Discussing strategies for acquiring and retaining profitable customers and enhancing engagement
  • Omnichannel Marketing, Channel Integration, and Social Media in a Privacy-Conscious World
  • Marketing Metrics, KPIs, Insight from Data, Database Marketing: Examining the evolving metrics and key performance indicators essential for deriving insights from data and effective database marketing.
  • Ethical Considerations: growing attention towards the ethical aspects of marketing practices, particularly concerning potential consumer manipulation, misuse of data, and biases inherent in AI algorithms.


Milano 3-4-5 June, 2024, Bocconi University