Perceived corporate social responsibility and job satisfaction in the retail industry: a systematic literature review and research agenda

Managing sustainability : perspectives from retailing and services, 2022
Castaldo, Sandro; Ciacci, Andrea; Penco, Lara

This study aims to investigate the relationship between employees’ perceived corporate social responsibility (CSR) and job satisfaction (JS) in the retail
industry. The systematic literature review establishes an overall positive relationship
between perceived CSR and JS, but this relationship in the retail sector still needs to
be explored. The analysed contributions underline that research focusing on the
relationship between CSR and JS in the retail sector does not exist. This systematic
literature review demonstrates that perceived CSR positively impacts JS, often with
the mediation of organisational constructs. Moreover, addressing the service management literature, the authors present a conceptual model that inserts CSR, JS,
customer satisfaction and performance in the same framework. Through this
model, we aim to offer a more complete picture of the system of relationships
existing between stakeholder-related concepts (e.g. employees’ perception of CSR,
their job satisfaction and customer satisfaction) and organisation-level factors
(e.g. performance).