Andrea Ordanini Wins the Hunt/Maynard Award

The 2021 article published in the top-tier Journal of Marketing “that has made the most significant contribution to marketing theory” was authored by a Bocconi Professor (Andrea Ordanini), a Bocconi PhD graduate (Gaia Giambastiani, currently at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) and a former Bocconi Adjunct Professor (Joseph Nunes, University of Southern California).


The three of them won the 2021 Hunt/Maynard Award for their article “The Concept of Authenticity: What It Means to Consumers,” published in Volume 85 of the Journal of Marketing.

For Professor Ordanini and his colleagues, the award marks the successful completion of a 6-year intellectual journey. “We started to work on the paper in 2015, when we all were at Bocconi, from a conversation on why some people still bought vinyl records,” Prof. Ordanini recalls.