Customer Journeys in a Digital World

Milano 3-5 June, 2024 - Bocconi University

Department of Marketing
via Guglielmo Röntgen n. 1
20136 - Milano 



In today's rapidly evolving market, understanding and optimizing the customer journey is more crucial than ever. This evolution has presented new challenges and opportunities in managing customer experiences and paths to purchase. In this dynamic landscape, firms are striving to navigate through higher volumes of diverse data and leveraging advanced tools to measure and enhance marketing ROI. 

Central to mastering this environment is the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. These innovations are transforming the way we collect and analyze customer data. Moreover, heightened concerns around data privacy have introduced complex issues in managing customer information. It is imperative for companies to find a middle ground where they can gain deep customer insights while upholding and safeguarding customer privacy. 

Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing strategies along the customer journey is a key thread linking these various challenges. The upcoming conference aims to delve into these significant shifts in academic research across broad domains: 

  • Customer Journeys, Customer Experience, and Attribution in the Age of AI: Exploring how AI is reshaping customer journey analytics and experience. 
  • Customer Acquisition, Customer Profitability, and Customer Engagement: Discussing strategies for acquiring and retaining profitable customers and enhancing engagement. 
  • Omnichannel Marketing, Channel Integration, and Social Media in a Privacy-Conscious World. 
  • Marketing Metrics, KPIs, Insight from Data, Database Marketing: Examining the evolving metrics and key performance indicators essential for deriving insights from data and effective database marketing. 
  • Ethical Considerations: growing attention towards the ethical aspects of marketing practices, particularly concerning potential consumer manipulation, misuse of data, and biases inherent in AI algorithms.

The aim of the conference is to bring together leading scholars to discuss emerging research on the effectiveness of marketing activities along the customer journey. 

Participation in this conference is by invitation only, and to facilitate high-quality discussions we purposely invited only a relatively small group (about 40-50 participants). 

  • Keynote Speakers will provide summary lectures and discuss new research priorities that will guide activities for the next years. 
  • 12 Scholars from leading international Universities will present their most recent works, and about 30 invited scholars from leading International Universities will animate the discussion and contribute to the debate. 

Monday, 3rd June 2024 

16:00 - 20:00      Guided Tour of Pinacoteca Ambrosiana and Cripta San Sepolcro & 

                             Opening reception at Saporè Milano by Renato Bosco

Tuesday, 4th June 2024 

09:00 - 16:00      Conference (Day 1), Bocconi University, Room AS03 

16:00 - 17:30       Free time 

17:30 - 19:15       Guided Tour of the Last Supper Museum 

19:15 - 20:00       Walk to the Restaurant 

20:00 - 22:00      Conference dinner at Ristorante El Brellin 

Wednesday, 5th June 2024 

9:00 - 14:00 Conference (Day 2), Bocconi University, Room AS03


  • Each paper will have a slot of 30 minutes. All presenters have 20 minutes for their presentation + 10 minutes of discussion. 

Keynote Speakers 

Puneet Manchanda 
Ross Michigan 

Juanjuan Zhang 


Vibhanshu Abhishek 
University of California - Irvine 

Mimansa Bairathi

Sonja Gensler 
University of Münster

Reto Hofstetter 
University of Lucerne 

Garrett Johnson 
Boston University 

Alice Li 
Ohio State University 

Erik Maier 
University of Leipzig 

Alex Miller
USC Marshall 

Zijun Tian  
Olin Business School, Washington University in St. Louis 

Michiel Van Crombrugge 
Erasmus School of Economics 
The Netherlands 

Prasad Vana 
Tuck School of Business 

Francisco Javier Villarroel Ordenes  


Umut Konus 
University of Amsterdam 

Sara Valentini 
Bocconi University  

Vibhanshu Abhishek, University of California - Irvine 

Uri Barnea, Bocconi University 

Mimansa Bairathi, UCL 

Francesco Bologni, Bocconi University 

Generoso Branca, Bocconi University 

Margherita Caprara, Bocconi University

Carla Silveira Freitas Netto, Pontifical Catholic University from the region of Paraná

Sonja Gensler, University of Münster 

Reto Hofstetter, University of Lucerne 

Sungtak Hong, Bocconi University 

Garrett Johnson, Boston University

Keyvan Karimipour, Bocconi University  

Jeanne Kim, IE Business School 

Jessica Kim, Bocconi University  

Andreas Lanz, University of Basel 

Alice Li, Ohio State University 

Erik Maier, University of Leipzig 

Puneet Manchanda, Michigan Ross 

Alex Miller, USC Marshall 

Arvin Moazemi, Bocconi University 

Elisa Montaguti, Bologna University 

Sungkyun Moon, Bocconi University 

Lorenzo Morgante, Bocconi University 

Bahar Nejat, Bocconi University 

Giovanna Padula, Bocconi University  

Stefano Prestini, Bocconi University  

Serena Pugliese, University of Leeds  

Gulnaz Rakhmatullina, Bocconi University 

Gaia Rubera, Bocconi University 

Sepehr Safari, Bocconi University  

Tobias Schlager, HEC Lausanne  

Qiaoni Shi, Bocconi University 

Iris Steenkamp, Bocconi University 

Zijun Tian, Washington University St Louis 

Olga Ungureanu, VU Amsterdam 

Sara Valentini, Bocconi University

Michiel van Crombrugge, Erasmus School of Economics 

Prasad Vana, Tuck School of Business 

Marton Varga, Bocconi University 

Francisco Javier Villarroel Ordenes, Luiss University 

Heeyoung Yoon, Bocconi University 

Juanjuan Zhang, MIT 

Xin Zhou, Bocconi University 

Kai Zhu, Bocconi University 


Keynote Speech: How Effective is Suggested Pricing?: Experimental Evidence from a Digital Marketplace 

PUNEET MANCHANDA the Isadore and Leon Winkelman Professor and Professor of Marketing at the Ross School of Business.
His main research interest is in building empirical models to solve strategic business, marketing and policy problems such as building customer engagement, targeting, resource allocation, launch planning, bargaining and information disclosure. His most recent work has focused on marketing and strategy problems in the high technology, e-commerce, streaming media, influencer marketing, gaming and pharmaceutical industries. Methodologically, his work is in the domain of “Big Data,” applying artificial intelligence, machine learning, statistics and econometrics towards causal inference in business and policy settings. His papers have appeared in all top marketing journals. A recent study identified him as one of the top 50 scholars in marketing. Professor Manchanda is active on company boards and consults in industries such hi-technology, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods. He is currently holding the Senior Editor position at Marketing Science, and a frequent speaker at various academic and industry events. His research and commentary on current topics has been published in business media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, New York Times, NPR, USN&WR, LA Times, Detroit Free Press, Sloan Management Review, Investors Business Daily, and CIO Magazine.



Keynote Speech: Customer Journey Entanglement and Recommender System Design

JUANJUAN ZHANG is the John D. C. Little Professor of Marketing at the MIT Sloan School of Management.
An expert in quantitative modeling, Zhang combines economic theory with computation to develop scalable business solutions. Her research covers industries such as consumer goods, social media, and healthcare, and functional areas such as product management, pricing, and sales.
Zhang’s research has won a series of best-paper awards, including the Frank Bass Award for the best marketing thesis, the John Little Award for the best INFORMS marketing paper, and the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Long Term Impact Award. In 2018, she was named an inaugural Marketing Science Institute Scholar, a title awarded to “the most prominent marketing scholars in the world.” Zhang has served as Marketing Department Editor of her field’s top journal, Management Science, Associate Editor of several other top journals, and VP of the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science.

Viale Bligny 23, 20136 Milano 

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Via Santa Sofia 10, 20122 Milan 

Via Lodovico Muratori 14, 20135 - Milano 

Piazza Missori 1, 2023 - Milano 

Via Alberico Albricci 2, 20122 - Milano 

Corso di Porta Vigentina 46, 20122 Milano 

The deadline to sign up for the event is 5 May at 23:59 (CEST), after which registration will no longer be possible. 

You are allowed to exercise your right to withdraw from registration.

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